Homage to Vincent (Fifteen sunflowers in a vase) 1998

Homage to Vincent (Fifteen sunflowers in a vase) 1998

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Original : Oil on Board N.F.S.

After a 13year gap from painting this was the 1st painting I painted in 1998. The day it was painted, this particular “Sunflowers “(There are two series of Sunflowers) Was sold for 83million. Van Gogh sold one painting during his life time “The Red Vineyard”. So, 110 years after the original painting(1888)  I took the 1st art piece I’d purchased at 14, a photographic scene of a pink harvest moon in a snowy wooded setting, which had become scratched & dented having moved many, many times.  Primed it & set about recreating “15 Sunflowers in a vase”. Between Lavender (next series of prints) & Sunflowers, the region of Provence in France holds special meaning.

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