Painting Truths ...... What really goes on

Lilies in Alchemy - Started as a challenge/ commission to reproduce a small painting I had sold to called "Shock Tactics " . What I discovered through that process(which took four months of my life )  is that I cant recreate my own paintings , they are one off's . Each original comes from some connection with some muse that I channel . Which sounds really airy fairy but that's how it is . I get some inspiration to start a topic , a comment, a conversation on something & just work till one day it is completed.

This threw me , I picked the right colour palette , I studied the small painting , I started , I struggled , I produced a painting , it was not like the other one, though it had merit in it's own right. It did not find a home ! I then used that as the base painting to create something new , something different , something beautiful . That became "Lilies in Alchemy" .That suited the story.  It was then scanned & my favorite details from sections of the painting were extracted & became a tryptic of circular shapes to emulate the lilies & my journey.

There are those who say don't explain your art but I dont have the luxury of a gallery showing where someone can muse themselves about the meaning. Nor am I trying to contrive an emotion from the viewer . This is art ,this is work , this is personal investment. This is "Lilies in Alchemy "

Kathrina Shine