Back Painting - Yipee

So the last two year have almost entirely been taken up with the whole launch of the website , launching the Giclee prints , branching out into merchandising & basically trying to keep up with the social media hamster wheel.

What have I learnt ……………..loads .

1) Not all Giclee print operators are created equal !

2) The art world is a strange place , where offering your art for sale is interpreted as you are for sale also.

3) Everyone talks about authenticity & yet will box everything into demographics , target audiences & marketing funnels .

4) Face book can remove your five star rating, to pressure you into spending more on advertising .

5) Not everyone who signs up for your newsletter is interested in you as an artist , but will further their own career or those close to them by using you as a template.

On the bright side this whole adventure has opened my work out to many , many more people than before …….People really do find a painting that speaks to them ( even though only a fraction have been digitised)

Anyone who has been brave enough to purchase has been thrilled with the print they have received , the presentation , the service & everything included.

For now I am going to paint rather than stressing over marketing , social media , funnels etc etc.

I believe in my work & know it has an audience , I am sure we will connect when the time is right.

Loving being back painting , the smell , the texture , the inspirations , the process , the result.

So stay tuned , the best has yet to come.

Kathrina Shine