Wicklow has it all happening !

Suddenly realised that it was February that I last updated the news section, which I know looks as if nothing is happening . Totally the opposite , so much is happening that to write it all down would be a daily thing , which some would say Do It , Just do it :)

I got to fly last week in a Cessna with the talented Hannah Quinn , taking off from Newcastle airfield , we flew up the coast & Wicklow looks beautiful & as all towns, looks very organised from the air. It was a beautiful day with magnificent scenery. Looking forward to exploring more of the county. There was an announcement that a new bus link between Wicklow & Glendalough is being launched this month which will be excellent for tourism. Such a breathtaking location of true historic significance. There has also been the launch of the Feast from the East foodie collective.

Painting wise I am working on a series related to Gaza , that has been contentious & it took a while having been accused by an American Artist of suffering Irish Lament in relation to the topic . So the process of working out ,did I have the right to comment on this highly political International conflict?

Ultimately my source material is photographic journalism taken over the last year of the conflict which reignited 30th March 2018. My reasoning is not everyone has seen these images which are powerful and by doing a series of paintings it will allow a greater audience & maybe create debate where there has been none.

There is also a new abstract series which is work in progress that be revealed as I find the language.

Some of the painting in the eclectic collection are now going to be available as a clothing line & home accessories. That is very exciting and I am seriously delighted at how great a fit they are in this new medium. More to follow on all of that.

The Night before st. Valentines was well received and though it was a sudden decision to scan & print it worked out just in the nick of time.

As things are actually moving quite fast it probably is a good idea to stay up to date with the news . Again there are those probably saying but we told you that !!!

As far as I know tomorrow , The Wicklow People news paper has an article about my parents & their role in the community here in Wicklow. I think the piece covers it without me saying much here.

Everything is growing in the garden , though slightly off schedule . There will be a load of surprises as I moved pots & bulbs around months ago to keep it interesting as things grow.

If I am lucky there may be time for some sailing on that beautiful blue sea , looks like 2019 is fairly busy already :)

Wicklow from the Skies.jpg
Kathrina Shine