February 2019 - New Print available now

Wow , definitely due a catch up . Never posted the Happy New Year blog so know its a bit late but wishing everyone a great 2019. The film project got delivered DVD , usb HD & hard drive. The culmination of what started 16 years ago. I now know what my Dad was trying to do by splicing the footage into larger reels. To preserve the footage as some of it was not in great condition. What will come out of it next I don’t know yet but now that it is restored by Super 8 Ireland & the talent of Julien Dorgere some smaller projects are possible. A lot of time has been spent archiving & curating boxes of work produced over the last 20 years , I am planning to get the short films I made up on the website for viewing in the future.

As you can see a new print is available “The Night before St. Valentines “ - Painted 13th February 2000 having witnessed a beautiful shooting star & amazing sky in Wicklow Ireland.

For a lot of reasons it is being produced on a smooth heavyweight 220gsm, Matte coated photo paper media which features a high whiteness and multi-coated paper for stunning high-quality printing. Fast drying, water resistant, smudge resistant and cockle free using Pigment archival Inks. Printer Ronan Hayes- Fine Art Prints. Contact through Face Book Ronan Hayes ( the guy with the shades on )

Am creating a new painting space to produce a body of work for 2019 , currently painting the room , has to be somewhere I’d like to work. So for now off to start promoting the new print & wishing everyone a Happy St. Valentines .

Kathrina Shine