Autumn ( Fall) Equinox & the Collection got Photographed.

At the end of the Sunflower Sale , I sent out a news letter Thanking all involved & did a free give away for one of the “If Vincent met Andy “ small prints . In return I asked people what they liked about my art . The print was going to the 1st response .

This is what that 1st response said : “ I am impressed by your persistence and your disruptive and illuminating abstraction in a chaotic digital age “ Thanks to all who responded & gave an insight.

On Tuesday the rest of my back catalogue collection ( not scanned yet ) was photographed by Stu Teehan , Stu Teehan Photography. So I will be able to put up a gallery and maybe do some sort of a poll on what painting ought to be scanned next for a limited print edition.

The Autumn Equinox is happening Sunday 23rd September ,celebrated all round the world from the Druids in Ireland & England, to the Streets of Spain or Maya in Central America . That day the night & day are roughly the same length.

Have a good one :)

Kathrina Shine