Turquoise Thursday ....... Part 2

Turquoise Thursday is my response to Black Friday . As you will have gathered I am an Independent artist , who does the paintings , gets them printed , packs by hand & will post to you with love & care.

As the world goes crazy , unoriginal prints are available at pennies ……. I am trying to offer quality.

Quality paintings ,( if you want an original talk to me & we can see if it is available ) quality Giclee prints , quality inks , quality packaging & all local , hand made & I might even do a gig if you give me a sale :) Music provided by trad session musicians from Temple Bar . ( Where are the emojies ????? )

My paintings are not the most commercial but everyone has energy , a back story & is an expression of something I am impassioned about. Which means they are very interesting to live with or give as a gift. I have worked long & hard to get great prints that capture that essence.

So the business part of all of this , is all prints have a 10% discount plus free shipping between today Thursday 22nd November & Thursday 29th November. This window is to allow printing , packaging & for you receiving it before Christmas.

Thank you to all who have already purchased , the feed back is great & glad you are all so delighted. Confidence to keep going.

I am working on a new series of paintings relating to the film project I’ve been working on (Turquoise Thursday part 1) & photo journalism that has crossed my path . Political rather than commercial. Rock on 2019.

I know you will be pleased with a print , whether for your self or some one special.

If you do purchase & supply email , I will contact to make it personal.

Crazy seasons greetings , don’t get carried away with this disposable consumer society . All prints are archival guaranteed but great to live with today . :) Be in touch, Kathrina

Forgot to say launched two new prints in the eclectic collection “Encyclopedia Britannica” & “Tribal Reef “

PPS - All commerce through STRIP , a secure payment site used by Amazon , Halo & many more.

Kathrina Shine