Turquoise Thursday - An independent black friday !!! Part 1

Hey , hello and happy Turquoise Thursday !

It’s definitely time to catch up as last post was the Autumnal Equinox.

So I have been busy on a long long term film project as well as painting. . Thought I would have finished this project by now but it was not to be till next week, but gonna share anyway.

This project started 16 years ago, yes 16 years ago. I went looking for a collection of 8mm & some super 8mm film that I knew my Dad had been splicing into larger reels to preserve about 35 years ago. He passed away in 1993 to put it in prospective. The film footage was shot by a man name J.T.o’ Byrne , a county engineer with Wicklow County Council. Evenings were spent sipping Whiskey & splicing. This made an impression on me.

Finally in 2004 after 2 years investigating I found the footage in the attic of a niece , Mary Scanlan who graciously gave it to me. At that point it was far too expensive to digitise , so I carried it with me for the next 12 years through 7 house moves , knowing that the day would come, when the plants would aligned & I would get to digitised it and really finally find out what was on it. (It was too fragile to run through projectors, except once at the Irish Film Archive.)

Well 4 months ago …. I met another Family member who offered to pay for it all to be digitised. So the hunt was on for someone who had the skills & equipment. to undertake this project.Enter (after research) Julien Dorgere Super8 Ireland.Galway .We have been working our way through 7 hours 29 mins of film . That is the equivalent of 3.7 hollywood blockbusters. With sequences between 2 seconds to longer sequences , anything between 3 mins to 53 mins. Having had that footage in my head all this time I could cry with joy that we are reaching completion. The family has agreed that I can use the footage ( minus personal family footage , my stipulation ) to create a backdrop to an exhibition of 14 painting . These will be completed late 2019 & hopefully will have an installation exhibition with elements of the film footage in conversation with the paintings.

It has been a long journey , when we produced the 1st dvd for the family of their personal history & delivered it ,I slept for 18 hours , with relief I think , but also I felt I was finally completing what my Father was trying to do 30 years ago ……to preserve this film collection.

The collection compiles of family footage , RNLI footage , sailing & Wicklow sailing club, , early hydro dams ,traditional crafts ..turf cutting , harvesting , travel through Europe in the 40’s & 50’s ,De Valera, church events , Israel & some commercial footage of the time. a Charlie Chaplin short included.

Not all of it is beautiful , in focus or at the right exposure but with a complete restoration , stabilising , colour grading , scanning with wet gate ,we have made the very best of the footage.

This has been momentous & I have and I am loving it , loving time codes ,exports & film.

It has been inspiring , challenging , exciting , disappointing but always the culmination of what has been in my head for 16 years. Time to celebrate & on to the next phase of the project.

The original footage is going to the Irish Film Archive, who have better facilities to conserve the original film than I ever will have . Its a celebration of collaboration. Merci beaucoup Julien .

Kathrina Shine