Why I Paint - A Personal Statement

I love the feel of canvas, the sound of adding texture. I love moulding & moving paint across the canvas making strokes, shapes & marks with my palette knife. I love the language of colour and I love storytelling.

Impasto technique allows you to build structure & define space on a 3d platform. It is part of my interior life & something I give time to. With oils there can be six months before the painting has dried, it requires patience.

In return for my patience there is great satisfaction & sense of achievement when finally, I know a piece is completed. That I cannot rush.

Because of this possible six months’ time span there are usually multilabel paintings being worked on at any one time. Each at a different stage.

Some paintings are impetuous, urgent & quickly realised. Others can take years to complete.

Currently there are 284 completed paintings, recording the last 20 years of my life in single frame statements. This averages 14 a year. Some are whimsical, often they synthesise emotions, thoughts & passions, through the medium of paint & textures. Other times they are a statement.

What I have found is that something is channelled that is accessible to others, particularly in an exhibition space where I place the paintings in a collective storytelling order. People gravitate towards different pieces & then other times many people,  gravitate towards the one piece.


Jonathan Flood