Flash Point Fallujah - 2004

Flash Point Fallujah - 2004

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(2004) - Original : Acrylic on Canvas

Limited Run of 150 Prints

Painted on the morning George Bush won his second term of office, as American President. Troops were already amassed on the outskirts of Fallujah & there was going to be a blood bath if he succeeded. 

Reference Wikipedia “Fallujah” “These events caused widespread destruction and a humanitarian crisis in the city and surrounding areas. As of 2004, the city was largely ruined, with 60% of buildings damaged or destroyed, and the population at 30%–50% of pre-war levels.”

WAR causes pain & affliction mainly to many Men, Women & Children who have been caught up in it & those who have in-listed in the name of protection & return home shattered. There are also those who profited from this misery. Today we have Syria , this painting could just be called WAR.

10% of all sales will be donated to Amnesty International.

10% Donated to Amnesty International

About Packaging:

Each print is handled with the utmost care & hand rolled in acid free tissue paper & packaged in postal tubes. Each print has an individual certificate of authenticity, numbering the edition & offering information about the print.