Snow Wars by Satellite - 201 1

Snow Wars by Satellite - 201 1

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Original : Inks / Acrylic / Textures on Canvas board

Limited Run of 100 Prints

This is one of four Tryptic painted with unrelated stories.  when a story needs more space, a tryptic evolves. The 1st was called “Evolution” & is in a Private collection. So “Snow wars by Satellite” The drug wars are being played out in countries that seem far away from us. Success is synonymous with coke, media, gossip columns & secret exposes that always have sex& drugs & rock n’ roll. Behind all this partying are the drug wars. At the point in 2011 that these were painted, there were a reported 1000 retired (not misfunctioning) satellite’s floating around our little planet. So, I was wondering who owns them, who’s renting them & to whom? In this case Snow is not innocent, its cold like the drug. High powered but cold…………………………………………

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Each print is handled with the utmost care & hand rolled in acid free tissue paper & packaged in postal tubes. Each print has an individual certificate of authenticity, numbering the edition & offering information about the print.