i Rising - 2007

i Rising - 2007

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Original : Acrylic on Canvas

Limited Run of 70 Prints

This painting was inspired by learning of the development of Cloud Technology. To me the digital revolution was profound, having skilled up making 35mm film with its specific discipline’s, digital was rolling out a completely new future. It is with us now, people are making films on iPhone, there are vloggers, selfies, Instagram, vimeo, you tube etc etc. This painting is in a 16x9 letterbox framing, the information transmitted is no longer held in our perceived analogue telegraph poles but streaming & floating in space with Apple™ right at the forefront of the new technologies. This too has changed, though the appeal for Apple products as creative tools, is still huge.

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About Packaging:

Each print is handled with the utmost care & hand rolled in acid free tissue paper & packaged in postal tubes. Each print has an individual certificate of authenticity, numbering the edition & offering information about the print.