Genetic Memory (2005) (Original with Artist)

Genetic Memory (2005) (Original with Artist)

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Original : Acrylic on Canvas

Limited Run of 70 Prints

In total there are 190 Portal Dolmans in Ireland. They are associated with mythological stories, Warriors & Giants, Fionn Mac Cumhail & the Fianna, ancient history & still very present today.

Their memory for me is with exploring & travelling Ireland. Seeing 1st hand what a beautiful gem of a green & blue island on the edge of Europe we live on. Feeling steeped in History & tradition. Knowledge of Brehon Law & the Irish language giving basis to a National Identity that had more longevity than stories of being conquered & supressed. 

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About Packaging:

Each print is handled with the utmost care & hand rolled in acid free tissue paper & packaged in postal tubes. Each print has an individual certificate of authenticity, numbering the edition & offering information about the print.