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Giclee Printing

Having had many requests for prints of my paintings, it seemed time to create archival pigment ink prints or Giclee prints, scanned at the highest resolution, then printed on museum quality archival paper or canvas. These prints allow the paintings to become more affordable in Limited Editions. Which I will honour. Each print has a certificate of authenticity included, numbering the limited editions & giving information about the print.

The process of Giclée printing is the only true print format that captures the original paint strokes, textures, depth, focus & spirit. 

My paintings are alive because they are produced with energy & intent. The prints are alive in a spirited 21 st century format & imbued with the possibility of different sizes & cost through this Giclee printing process. By putting titles on the paintings, they are a key into the intention, a clue to the viewer for their own experience. They go hand in hand, the titles & the paintings now that the website is launched with the first 15 prints, a long-held idea is coming to fruition. These prints have been chosen to launch the collection, because many of their originals have been sold & the owners have graciously gifted them back for the Giclee print run. Today I too can enjoy seeing them again in a vibrant format made possible by

I hope you enjoy these paintings, their stories & the positive energy of creating that I believe lifts all of us.